Chris Chapman


Welcome to the Enlightened Planning website.

This website was setup to promote and support the ideas underlying the book Enlightened Planning: Using Systematic Simplicity to Clarify Opportunity, Risk and Uncertainty for Much Better Management Decision Making, by Chris Chapman, published by Routledge in July 2019. 'Enlightened Planning' was added to the Book Authority "30 Best New Decision Making Books To Read In 2019" list shortly after its publication in July 2019. It started at number one and its position will change as further new books are added to the list.

Enlightened Planning was written for a broad target audience, making minimal assumptions about the background education or experience and current pressing concerns of readers, and assuming that many readers would be practitioners who were responding to a recommendation by a colleague or a review, with no supporting professional courses or workshops.

In the short term the focus of this website is supporting those who want to use aspects of the Enlightened Planning book when leading professional courses and workshops for practitioners and their managers, including board level managers, or teaching university courses. In the longer term helping all readers in whatever ways I can is my plan for this website, with possible wider agendas driven in part by feedback.

The emphasis of this website is catering for those who have already read Enlightened Planning, but promoting book sales is also a part of the website’s overall mission. If you have not yet seen a copy of the book, this website’s book information page provides information you might like to start with. It outlines some of the key ideas very briefly in a few paragraphs, but then provides access to a comprehensive 38 page synopsis. It also provides a link to the Routledge Enlightened Planning page to order a copy.

The course and workshop materials page provides access for course and workshop providers to downloadable notes, slides and case studies which you may find useful if you want to make use of Enlightened Planning for professional or university courses and workshops in a wide range of different ways. They focus on my current relevant experience as a starting point which you can build on according to your interests. All the slides are ‘branded’ with the logo of the Southampton Business School, and for most purposes you are expected to replace this logo with your own logo but acknowledge the source. While I maintain copyright of all these materials, I would like them to be freely available so long as their source is acknowledged and the logo of the Southampton Business School is not misused.

The further information page provides information about other websites you may find useful, starting with a few that I am currently aware of, with a view to possibly adding more as I learn about them based on feedback. This page will be added to in other ways over time, in part driven by feedback, in part driven by my ongoing experience using and further developing the ideas underlying the enlightened planning toolset. Information about available courses and workshops, with links to their providers, is an example of one kind of further information which may be of interest to those who would like to attend a course or workshop, or arrange for one to be provided on an in-house basis for their organisation, as well as those offering courses and workshops.

You can contact me by email at C.B.Chapman@soton.ac.uk.